May 14, 2008

Top Fives

Well Megan posted that she would like to see my Top 5... so here goes...

1. 5 things under $5 that I couldn’t live without
- Crystal Light Sunrise Orange On-the-Go Tea Packets (or any flavor really)
- cheese
- craisins
- mascara
- chocolate

2. 5 favorite movies
- Dirty Dancing (lame, I know)
- Whatever's on TV
I can't think of any right now...

3. 5 baby names I love
- Emma (my mom's grandmother's name)
- Autumn
- Cameron
- Perry or Perri
- Ethan

4. 5 songs I could listen to over and over again
According to my iTunes Top 25 Most Played:
- Secret by Maroon 5
- Your Song by Ewan McGregor from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
- Seasons of Love from the Rent Soundtrack
- Come What May from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
- Somewhere Only Only We Know by Keane

5. 5 people who have influenced me in a positive way
- My parents for always supporting me & pushing me to better myself
- Jacque Andrew
- Diane Kunzler
- Mom Su
- Ranae Butler for letting me stay at her house for 2 summers and learning so many things about life from numerous walks and washing the dishes together

6. 5 things that are always in my purse
- Credit Card
- Checkbook
- Keys & Pepper Spray
- at least 1 pen & 1 pencil
- Tampons

7. 5 moments that changed my life forever
- 4-H Legislative Day at the Iowa Capital... which was where I first toured Meredith Corp and decided I wanted to be a graphic designer. Thanks, Jacque!
- Bid Day & my bid to AGD
- Getting accepted into the graphic design program at ISU and getting my Mac PowerBook
- Graduating from ISU
- hmmm... I am still awaiting the 5th one!

8. 5 obsessions I have now
- design*sponge, esty, & design blogs/websites
- letterpress
- organizing/planning things
- gardening
- Calorie Count Plus

9. 5 places I would like to go
- European tour
- The Caribbean
- Thailand
- Morocco
- Egypt
- Australia/New Zealand
(there's so many places I want to visit!)

10. 5 appliances or kitchen tools I cannot live without
- microwave
- toaster
- mixer
- blender
- crock pot
I don't really believe in pointless appliances like an electronic can opener, food processor, etc. Call me old-fashioned...

11. 5 people whose top fives I would like to see
I've already seen Megan's (since I was on her list) and no one else that I know blogs....

1 comment:

Megan Langford said...

Did you steal my iPod, maybe? I would like it back, please. But seriously, I love the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and Keane. And Rent. And Maroon 5. Thanks for humoring me with your lists!