August 4, 2008

To Have and To Hold – Chicago Style

On Saturday we attended the wedding of Justin and Jessi Scurte in Joliet, IL. It was absolutely gorgeous. First, we were greeted by a yummy gift bag filled with the couple’s favorite treats at the hotel. The wedding ceremony was held in Bird Haven Park in Joliet, where there were many gardens and greenhouses to tour and enjoy and created a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony. GOU-GAR! (I added that for Jon & Jessie)
Jessi’s colors were raspberry, chartreuse and chocolate brown. The bridesmaids wore strapless, tea-length raspberry dresses and carried white and green flowers with a chartreuse ribbon around them. Justin and the groomsmen wore chocolate brown tuxedo’s with chartreuse vests. When Jessi walked down the isle, she looked stunning. The dress she picked fit her style perfectly and she had a cute short veil, also a perfect match.
The reception was held at the Joliet Union Station, which was very impressive as well and decked out in white and pink calla lilies and chocolate brown paper & linen accents. At the reception we had a plethora of appetizers, a delicious meal, sweets table and endless dancing! I couldn’t be happier for the couple, congratulations Jessi & Justin!
Picture Above: GD07 (minus Jenna); Jessie, Jon, & me at the bar between events

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