December 8, 2008

A string of bad luck...

Ahhh! I haven't been able to post in a while, due to computer problems. Tonight marks my 5th visit to the Mac Store in 8 days. It all started over the Thanksgiving holiday, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I couldn't get my laptop to turn on. I took my laptop into the Mac store on Sunday, without an appointment because I couldn't access the internet... and waited for an hour to try and get a stand-by appointment. With no luck, I made an appointment for Monday. Monday the genius bar was able to get my computer turned on! Victory!
Monday night I took it home and no such luck. Failure!
Tuesday I took my computer back in and even the genius bar couldn't get it turned on. We sent it off for repair and on Saturday I got my computer back.
I lost all my files. Luckily I had backed up about a year earlier, meaning I lost everything I had worked on in a year. Freelance files. Blog files. Photos. Everything.
During the process of installing my programs, my CD drive errored and now won't read any CD/DVD I put in, after about 30 seconds it spits it back out. I took my laptop back to the Mac Store tonight for this reason, the genius who helped me was really apologetic. I will get my CD drive replaced as soon as they can get the part in. Hopefully this means only 2 more trips to the Mac store this year!
Anyway, I have so much I want to share, but need to wait a little longer until I have photos and programs and a working computer. Look forward to:
- My grandmother's 4 layer birthday cake with a fondant flower tutorial
- Thanksgiving photos
- 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Party photos & recipes
- Christmas decorating & wrapping ideas
and more!


Jaci said...

bummer on the computer! My hard drive crashed last fall and I didn't have my computer for about a week! I don't think I could have been sadder if my cat died...hopefully your luck changes soon for you!

niki said...

is/was your powerbook still kickin?

slowpitch said...

Did you ask them about your options for recovering the hard drive data? If it was on the disk drive, there are companies that can recover the data for a price. I know you've done a lot in the past year!