February 17, 2009

'Lil Monkey Baby Shower

Images on mood-board are from Martha Stewart, Amy Atlas, and Paul Frank.

This past week we had a Banana Split baby shower to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a co-worker's baby boy. She's decorating the baby's room in a monkey-theme, so we thought a banana-split party was appropriate. I've held off on posting the mood board and other images, to keep the shower as much of a surprise as possible. The shower turned out perfect and went off without a hitch... more images from the actual shower to come soon!

The soon-to-be parents are keeping the name of the baby a big secret, so we played a guessing game with the shower attendees. We handed out cards to guess the name, date, weight, and *length of the baby.
*I put height on the actual card, but learned during the shower that this is typically known as length for babies... leave it to a non-parent to make the cards!

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