February 19, 2009

Tooth Fairy?

Today I get my wisdom teeth pulled, all 2.5 of them! I'm super excited because my mom is coming up to take care of me and for a weekend of crafts, shopping, and movies! What more could a girl ask for? Anyway... I usually make some sort of out-of the-office card when I'm gone and I'm quite fond of this toothy one!


Steph A said...

You're... excited? I hate to burst your bubble, but having wisdom teeth extracted is pretty much the worst experience ever. I don't know how you plan to go shopping with a face like a watermelon! I hope it's better for you than it was for me! :\

Sparky said...

Right now, you're probably all giggly wiggly from the laughing gas. Anyhow, I hope it went smoothly and enjoy those peas and the day off hanging out with Mom. My best advice is sleep it off.

P.S. The word verification thingy below is "lirturs" <---I don't make these things up.