March 30, 2009

Where the wild things grow

A couple weeks ago I started seeds for my annual container garden and in no time the tomato and pepper sprouts were here! I usually buy starter plants for the tomatoes and peppers, but last year I started a pepper plant from seed. I started it too late and ended up buying a starter plant anyway. It did produce fruit, but very late in the season, so I wanted to get a head-start this year, we'll see how it goes. I waited a little longer and started my herbs two weeks ago; basil (my fav), parsley, chives, and cilantro. Each day the little guys get bigger and bigger and are outgrowing their baby hot box! Yay!

I couldn't wait for fresh basil, so I bought this great fresh plant at the grocery store. This isn't the kind you plant in soil, but just leave it on your counter in a cup of water! It was a little more expensive then the pre-cut variety, but I think it will yield more fresh basil and is a happy, beautiful and fragrant addition to my kitchen for this weekend when I had guests.

While I was at the grocery store, I scored these pretty little daffodils for $2! Ever girl needs a little flower love and dose of spring once and a while, especially with the crazy snow fall that we got this weekend.

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Steph A said...

I wish i wasn't too 'tarded to grow things. :(