June 3, 2009

It's summer time!

I went on a bike ride tonight around the quiet streets of North Kansas City and it immediately took me back to my summers in J-town, where my bike was my main form a transportation.
I rode my bike everywhere. Across town to our acreage with warm bottles of milk riding safely in my backpack while hungry bottle calves were waiting. To riding to swim team practice in the crisp morning air, with dew on the grass. To riding as fast as I could in the rain for fear of being late for my summer school classes and crashing head-first into a telephone pole and cracking my helmet in the process (and that's why we wear helmets, kids). To considering the last block of my route the "speedway" where I would go as fast as I absolutely could to finish strong. And having my mom put a zip-tie on the right side of my bike, so I knew what side of the road to ride on. I still have problems with the right-left thing, but thankfully I don't need a zip-tie in my car!
Oh, the good ol' days!

oops... I missed Wallpaper Wednesday...

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