July 7, 2009

A+ Blood Donation

I think donating blood is extremely valuable and hope that everyone that is capable to donate does so. But you can find those reasons (like every pint can save up to three lives) elsewhere on the internet. I want to tell you about how it can benefit you.
A couple of weeks ago I received my Community Blood Center card in the mail and found out that donating blood can also benefit me. The Community Blood Center website let's you monitor your donor history and track your own health stats through it's free Wellness program! It charts your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, & temperature. What a great way to keep track of your health statistics?
If that's not incentive enough, the Wellness Program also let's you "buy" things with the points you earn for donating blood. You earn 100 points every time you donate whole blood, and an additional 100 points just for signing up for the free program! I bought AMC movie theater tickets with my points, but there also other cool things like a pizza cutter. And who wouldn't want a pizza cutter from the Blood Center?
In case you aren't currently donating blood, there are now two great reasons for you to start! But most importantly you're saving lives... shortages of all blood types happen during the summer and winter holidays, so get going!

Sadly, I was supposed to donate blood this evening, but as it turns out I need to wait another 3 weeks... I think I had my months messed up when trying to schedule my appointment. :(


Niki said...

I think donating blood is a great thing - however the organizations that regulate blood donation are horrible discriminatory. Point in case: gay men arent allowed to donate blood. Until EVERYONE is allowed to donate blood without bigotry and discrimination I won't donate.

Stephanie said...

Niki- I agree, it is really unfortunate that they discriminate against gay men and it bothers me every time I have to fill out the questionnaire. I can understand your protest.