July 20, 2009

Color Palettes to Inspire

Last week, I checked out House Beautiful's book: Colors for your Home: 300 Designer Favorites. I was so inspired by the layout of the colors. The designer of the book came up with the most beautiful and unique color palettes for each page. The book isn't promoting these specific colors together, it's just how they were laid out. I spent some time going through the book and assigning Pantone colors to each of the paint chips to create a color palette "library" for myself. The color palettes going horizontally are the original selections, but after printing it out, I realized there was other dimensions to the color palette love (diagonally, vertically, in squares, etc.) I tried my best to diagram the combinations I thought worked best (this only hints at my severe nerdiness).

Disclaimer: In the conversion from paint color, to PMS chip, to a jpg and then depending on the calibration of your monitor, the colors have probably shifted a bit in hue, value or intensity and may need to be adjusted before using.

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