September 20, 2009

For you and yours

Valspar offers an online quiz to find your couple style and offers paint color suggestions based on your answers. Although I'm not sure how accurate it is... I took it with my boyfriend (after assuring him it was not a Cosmo quiz) and it gave us "Relaxed" as a result. Color-wise it might be pretty close with blues, pale greens, and greys, but old rose? No thank you. Also, it's either ridiculously intuitive or lucky because it mentions our "eco-conscious style" in the results, although neither of us answered with eco-conscious answers.
What's your couple style?

You're in perfect harmony when it comes to your eye for the simple yet functional. When it comes to your home decor, eco-conscious style, like natural textures, tones and sustainable furnishings can play a big part. Take your love of the outdoors and find inspiration in nature, with warm neutrals.
Also, blues, pale greens, greys, old rose and cold purple complement your easy-going style. Check out Caraway Seed 3005-9C, Tender Shell 1006-10C, Sweet Mint 5005-5B, Baked Stone 3007-6B and Breezy 4007-7C.

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Miss Alyssa said...! You can be sure I will be forcing Diggs to participate the next chance I get.