November 19, 2009

100 Things to be grateful for: 21-30

21. Good food
22. Sewing machines
23. Laser cutters
24. Nicknames
25. Green flowers (not the fake kind, Sheryl)
26. The wholesale florist on my way to work
27. Patio gardens
28. Differences of opinions
29. Cozy blankets and pillows (I have to sleep with at least 3 pillows!)
30. Friends finding their true loves


Jenni said...

you should try the plush line of blankets and pillows from restoration hardware. I die!

John said...

I feel like good food was already covered in day one :P

Stephanie said...

So I really like food, why are you judging me? ;)
I can almost 100% guarantee there will be no more food comments the rest of the series.

And Jenni-
Thanks for all your comments. I do live in KC currently and should check out the Restoration Hardware blankets... I'm just afraid they would be a little out of my price range!