December 20, 2009


I finally finished the baby quilt I was working on for my second cousin. I'm so proud, it looks like a real, actual quilt! And I made it all by myself! All of the blunders that I made in the process have seemed to disappear looking at the finished piece. After attempting machine quilting, I thought I'd never make a quilt again, but seeing the end result I'm not so sure. Only a couple of the corners on the quilt top match up, I probably should have picked a different fabric in a couple places, and the machine quilting was a big failure, but all-in-all I'm really happy with it! I kind of want to keep it for myself. I saw a picture of the baby's room and it will fit perfect in there.

I love the simple, contemporary design of the back.

A close-up shows the tie quilting I did after failing at machine quilting (it was pulling and gathering and looked horrible). On the plus side, I'm pretty sure that my grandma used a tie binding method, so it's even better to keep up the tradition!

I can't wait to give to to my cousins at Christmas and hold little Henry!


Megan Langford said...

I love it! It looks fabulous. Certainly looks like it was easy, can't see any problems at all!

chimes said...

wow! gorgeous. I didn't realize you quilt too. Gotta love being a jack of all trades!