March 21, 2010

Pinwheel Baby Shower

Almost one month ago we held a baby shower at work for one of my good friends, Megan, who is due any day (I'm constantly jumping at any noise my phone makes to see if her little cupcake is here). Her shower didn't have a theme per se, but it was one of my favorite to plan and coordinate.

Look at the cute, happy couple, they'll make an adorable baby!

We tried to follow an "on-a-stick" theme for the food with Dark Chocolate dipped cheesecake lollipops, cherry pie on a stick (made by a co-worker, how clever?), and cupcakes adorned with pinwheels, you can see our tiny wind farm in the background with all those pinwheel cupcakes.

Guests enjoying the food on a stick and our blue and green poofs.

Me, our guest of honor, and Lindsay, another host; all coordinated with the party colors! (surprise, surprise)

A card attendees filled out with their guesses for the birthday of baby boy Langford. I'm guessing they're little cupcake will arrive very soon...

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Sheryl said...

Who took these photos? They're great!