March 15, 2010

Dear 2010,

You didn't start out so well. Minutes before you began, my boyfriend and I split ways, you've been chock full of unpleasant weather for many (at least that's what other Kansas Citians say, being from IA, I don't really think it's that bad), work has been extremely stressful and busy, because of that I fell behind in grad classes and freelance projects. Terribly unlike me.

But, 2010, you completely redeemed yourself on Saturday. I think I was destined to find that beaut of a retro china hutch. Who could have asked for more? Oh wait, there was more, my family was here to help me move it, I got it for 35% of it's original sell price, and it came with a "bookcase." Absolutely delightful.

2010, I think we just might get along after-all. Now we just need to work on that weather thing, could you get a little warmer a little faster?

Your new fan,


Steph A said...

I didn't even know you were taking grad classes. Do tell!

Megan Langford said...

Love it. You know where it would look great? The house that you will buy in the near future. (right?)

Jaci said...

Hun, I love your new pieces! Sorry about your luck, but know that if you need an ear, I'm always here for you - hugs to you! Oh, P.S. Buy a house already! lol!

Love ya!

Jessi said...

Great pick up! So. Totally. Jealous. Glad things are looking brighter :)