May 20, 2010

My Green Thumb, Part 3

Check this out… last year for my birthday I was given this gorgeous orchid. I had received one from my mom before for Valentines Day, but I was stupid and took it out in the cold and was never able to get it to bloom again. But this one is amazing! It has successfully bloomed three times in my possession. Once when I received it, then a couple of months later it dropped it's blooms and then spontaneous there was a couple more and now, starting in probably February it has been gaining a new blossom every couple of weeks… I'm up to five blooms with more on the way! My secret? Neglect. I think I may water it once every 3 or 4 weeks. Crazy. In fact, I’ve been neglecting all my plants and they’ve been thriving. I like this relationship!

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