November 21, 2010


My sorority mascot is a squirrel. When I first learned this (and I’m ashamed to admit this now) I was a little disappointed. I mean others had arrows, owls, dolphins... and we had a squirrel. But I lacked vision and I soon discovered squirrels can be awesome, even more awesome than dolphins and whatnot. Every time I see a modern squirrel, I get a giddy and my heart does a little flip for all of the good memories of being a squirrel. So I leave you with some holiday squirrelly inspiration:

West Elm Sequin Squirrel and I don't even like sparkly things!

Beautiful white squirrel vase from Pretty Random Objects

(I’d like to think the designers of these products are my fellow squirrel sisters....)

And this last one has nothing to do with squirrels, but my namesake. It's Jonathon Adler's turtle box, I love it!

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