February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Dessert!

Over New Years eve weekend I attempted to make tiramisu with a friend. It was a colossal fail, due to a lack of patience and not having the proper dish to make it in. I was determined to give my tiramisu a second attempt, so I coerced partnered with my roommate, who is a much better baker than I, to attempt the delicious dessert for Valentine's Day.

This was my inspiration from Gourmet Baking:
A mix of a delicious-looking chocolate base, marscapone cheese, and chocolate mousse.

Lindsay and I made ladyfingers the night before, which turned out light, soft, and delectable. After reading a couple of comments online about how to get the tall circular shape, we decided to line tin cans with parchment paper, which worked like a dream. We cut out the ladyfingers with the tin cans and piped in the marscapone cheese and whipped cream layers and put it in the fridge to set.

We had also planned on a low-fat chocolate mousse to layer in, but realizing the already towering height from double-layers of the ladyfingers, marscapone, and whipped cream we decided to nix that last minute. I wish the end result would've been a bit cleaner like the inspiration image, but I couldn't complain too much because it tasted phenomenal. I guess I'll just have to make it again to practice the presentation! Click here for the five-star recipe.


Dayle said...

Thank looks yummy!

Neil said...

Now That looks good!