February 5, 2011

This chestnut... err, hazelnut recipe

Do you know what today is? It's World Nutella Day!

For the longest time I boycotted Nutella, something about it just didn't seem right to me. I bought some to have for guests at my crepe brunch on Christmas Eve and I fell in love. Nutella-banana-whipped topping crepe? Amazing.

Earlier in January I made Nutella biscotti, while it wasn't a massive fail, it wasn't perfect. So I tried a new recipe Mini Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Nutella to bring to celebrate the glorious day at work. The recipe was a success! How could you resist the hazelnutty/chocolatey goodness?

And this may have been the most beautiful, silky-smooth dough/batter I've ever made-for cake or cookies. I made it at night, so no pictures (they just turn out bad without proper lighting...).

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Lindsay said...

Boycott Nutella?! I'm glad you see now that you were missing out. :) Miss you, friend!