March 27, 2011

Tough Choices

It's no secret that I will be moving out on my own soon. I have two options:
1. Buy a fancy Room & Board sofa
2. Get a kitty

The two are mutually exclusive.
I've been heavily leaning toward the first one, until I saw this:

Absolutely Cuckoo Cats from SINLOGO on Vimeo via The By and By.


Jaci said...

Always go with the cat. As soon as it's "grown up" it won't use its claws much anyways and then you can get a fancy couch! Plus, cats are good judges of boyfriends (if your cat doesn't like him or he doesn't like cats - move on).

Megan Langford said...

Sofa. For sure. I am convinced that anyone who says you should get a cat doesn't have a cat. Or at least not a cat like mine.

Cheezz said...


Steph A said...

I'd definitely go with the sofa, but i don't like cats. In fact, i just really love life without pets. No fur, no pet food, no litter boxes to clean, no destroyed stuff, no smell. And i don't have to be home every few hours to take care of my plants.