April 2, 2011

Birthday Month: Wish List

Happy April and happy birth month to me! And what would a birth month be without a wish list?
1. iPhone 4: I finally want to discover what this smart phone buzz is all about... but am questioning if the iPhone is really the one to get...

2. Iowa Native Bumper Magnet:
I’m not a big fan of bummer stickers... at all. But my love and pride in the great state of Iowa far surpasses my dislike for clutter on my rear (or fridges for that matter).

3. Toaster: An essential for the new apartment.

4. Goat Cheese Cheesecake:
A couple of years ago I had the most delicious cheesecake: a goat cheese cheesecake. I've been dreaming of it ever since and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday, Easter, and reunion with desserts after 40-days without.
Image (and recipe) from One Bite at a Time

5. Vacuum: Another new apartment essential. It must be bagless with a clear canister, because I like to watch all the dirty spin around and get bigger while I'm vacuuming. A little obsessive/gross, no?

6. Raygun Not Flat Tee: I've had my eye on this guy for a while, I think it would be a perfect addition to my RAGBRAI evening wear. (btw, Did I mention I registered for a full week of RAGBRAI? More about that craziness later...)

7. Wheatgrass seeds: I enjoy watching things grow. I'm not necessarily planning on eating it.
Image from Sarah Goes Organic

Rumikub: A good friend recently reminisced about how I would bring the electronic version of Catch Phrase to college parties... so winning! And I'd like to add that I most likely had a bottle of Malibu in there as well and by "parties" I mean get togethers. So to fulfill my lifelong addiction to board games, I'd like to add a family favorite to my collection, perhaps I'll whip it out at my next game night with you!

9. Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug: I like tea.

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