April 5, 2011


Ever since Martha did an article on dip-dying last year, I can't get enough of it. (I can't find the full story, but part of it is here.) I even tried my hand at dip-dying tea towels. They turned out ok for a first try and less-than-ideal facilities... just another craft project that didn't make it to the old blog.

But, I digress, check out these beautiful pillows from CapellaKID on etsy. If you have to decorate seasonally, this would be my ideal decor for Easter or Spring, but are beautiful all year round really.

Image by CapellaKID


chimes said...

these are soooooo pretty! I've not dip-dyed anything. I'm not good with messy mediums like that. The entire apartment would end up purple. :)

Melissa Wilson said...

I really liked that Martha Stewart article too!!! :)

Evan Ashcraft said...

That's really cool! You definitely are very creative (and apparently pretty talented) hope to get to know you better.