May 28, 2011

Service/Experience Design

Hello Blog Friends!
It’s been so long! I’ve been busy. Busy with grad school, but now we’re done for the semester and have been partying like we’re teenagers on the last day of high school. I was in a service/experience design class this semester and have to say it was my favorite class thus far in my graduate career. We had a very fun final project, partially because we had a kick-a$$ team, partially because the subject matter was just fun. So I’ve finally decided to share some images from our final project with the interwebs today.

Our focus was to explore the retail shopping area, research, discover, and design an innovative shopping experience for consumers. So without going through the entire project, here’s the eye candy!

Store concept equation: Co-creation + Local Production + Modern Technology = 21st Century Tailor

Exterior image, with large windows so you can see into the shopping, production, and showcase areas:

Interactive Wall that could welcome guests, highlight recent purchases or recent custom creations in our online and retail store, as well as project images and videos of recent trends in the fashion industry:

Interactive mirror, using the voice and gesture recognition technology, customers could design every detail of their clothing in the fitting room. From adjusting sleeve length, collar styles, pattern and color styles, buttons and other extra embellishments.

Interactive mirror, video chatting with another fitting room to get style input.
And the experience doesn’t end with trying the item on and receiving it in the mail, but instead a fun delivery truck will come to your house with the garment pressed and ready-to-wear!


Steph A said...

I WANT THAT. I have no idea how you guys created these photos, but they're awesome!

Stephanie said...

Ah, that would be the very talented Ross Dansby, using a combination of Google Sketch-Up and good ol' Photoshop!