June 24, 2011


 As of Thursday noon, I had scraped the last bit of Smuckers natural peanut butter and strawberry jelly into a PBJ and there was officially nothing was left in my fridge that could combine to create any semblance of a meal. So eating-out was in order for my last couple of meals prior to moving.

Photo of "Cali" Taco and Chips by Stephanie Hertel

Today's lunch was a treat, something special. Sheridan's (Frozen Custard) opened a new concept restaurant called unforked close to work and a couple of co-workers and I decided to try it out today and ohmygosh it's good. Here's a snippet from their "about us" section:
We promise to buy clean, local, seasonal ingredients first; if not local, then family-farmed organic; if not organic, then fair trade; if not fair trade, then the most unique highest quality possible. We take responsibility for the food we serve while giving customers the flavors they crave.
The place is gorgeous. A designer's paradise. Eames chairs at every table, exposed steel beams, beautiful graphics galore: the cups, the parchment, the beverage labels, t-shirts, etc. Design porn, as I texted to my fellow-designer friend. The building was designed by 360 Architecture in KC and the branding and graphic design was done by Design Ranch. (side note: The KC Business Journal covered the opening, but why I ask is the architecture firm credited, but not the graphic design firm??? Did they not play just as big of role? Aren't they just as local? They designed this brand, this brand that will follow them to hopeful future openings nationally. Where's the equality, I ask? Sigh.)

Image via Design Ranch Blog 

This move may be dangerous, unforked is half-way between my new apartment and work. They're breakfast sounds sinfully delicious. I may become a regular, it's delectable, very well-priced and supports multiple local business. How could one go wrong?


Steph A said...

I wish every restaurant would make that same promise. The few places here in Des Moines who really strive to serve locally produced food are just ridiculously expensive.

Crystal K. said...

I can't believe I haven't made it to Unforked with you yet. I'm game whenever you are...