August 16, 2011


About a month ago swissmiss wrote a post about a new site:
Bolder, a site that helps people to trigger and discover experiences that make the world a little better, one action at a time.
For example, one of the challenges was to Water your Plants with Reclaimed Water. This was perfect timing because just that morning I had come up with the brilliant idea of capturing the water wasted in warming up my shower with gallon milk jugs. To be fair, I adapted the idea from my aunt who uses milk jugs to capture cold water before washing dishes every night. I usually don't have that many dishes to wash, so this is a better method for me. And after practicing this for more than a month I've found more ways to use the reclaimed water than just plant-watering (like using it to soak dishes, in the aforementioned dishes that don't get washed every night...).

Anyway, it's a cool site. Check it out. Some of the fun challenges have expired, like Go Completely Waste-Free for a Day. Or you can start a new cool challenge.

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