September 19, 2011

Sweet Paul inspiration

Another issue of Sweet Paul came out the other day and it's filled with delicious fall foods that I can't wait to taste-test, along with lovely, lovely food styling (as always), beautiful layouts, and inspirational crafts.

After a weekend with family, I was sent home with a bag full of delicious home-grown pears, tomatoes, multicolored bell peppers and lots of fresh rosemary. I was delighted to see many recipes with pears and rosemary!

Here are the recipes I'll start with:
I've tried for years for a good pretzel recipe, maybe this will be the one...
John's Pretzels, image via Sweet Paul
Dried pear slices, image via Sweet Paul
Fennel & Rosemary Roast Lamb, image via Sweet Paul
Honey Baked Fall Vegetables, image via Sweet Paul
Pear Galette, image via Sweet Paul

Pear, Red Onion & Manchengo Pizza, image via Sweet Paul
Pork with Warm Fall Slaw, image via Sweet Paul
Thyme Roasted Chicken with Pears, image via Sweet Paul

I think I'll start with the Roast Lamb with Fall Vegetables and Pear Galette, I do love the rustic and romantic qualities of a good flaky galette... so who's comin' over for dinner?

As always, well done, Sweet Paul!


Steph A said...

If i were where you are, i'd definitely be there for dinner. :)

john said...

pick me pick me! It all looks yummy. The pear and manchego pizza seems interesting. A while back I investigated the combination of membrillo and manchego. I see where they're going with that :)