November 13, 2011

Cookie Party Time!

Each year I host a cookie party exchange with my friends, I always have high intentions of posting more about these, but it comes at the busy time of year and it always gets pushed to the side, leaving it undocumented. Anyway... my friends give me a hard time because I typically start thinking of color palettes for this in August and this year was no exception, I was planning gold and emerald... but I got the bug to do a stop motion video instead.

So with the help of Lindsay Stanley and Katie Larson, we created this fun stop motion for the invitation (view it here for better resolution). I was nervous at how long it would take, but it really only took 3-4 hours from start to finish and then my boyfriend found the perfect, whimsical music to add to it! There are things I'd change (like getting the day right), but I'm extremely happy with it overall.

I can't wait to work on next year's invitation... oh, and of course this year's cookie party!

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