June 24, 2012

Instagram Weeks in Review

Instagram highlights from the past couple of weeks:

1: Early this morning I went on a beautiful 30-mile bike ride in the hilly Kansas countryside. It was lovely I tell ya, a great way to unwind from the work week. Bonus: My legs are getting stronger and the hills were rather enjoyable instead of the nearly impossible, like I remembered from last summer.

2: I met some adorable baby calf friends along the way! Although they were scared off as soon as I turned on my excited-baby-calf voice and started snapping photos. Sigh, I just know we could've been fast friends...
3: Yummy homemade Butternut squash rolls. By far the best yeast bread I've ever made. These make the perfect, hearty buns for a portobello mushroom burger, lettuce and thick tomato slice.

4: A delicious beet and arugula salad from Unforked with edible flowers. Seriously. Edible flowers! From a restaurant that also boasts a drive-thru!

5 &; 6: Lovely, lovely tile and lighting from a restaurant in Chicago (can't remember the name of it) that I visited while in the city for a bachelorette party. I ordered the braised rabbit with gnocci, but failed to get a good pic, rest assured my tummy was very fond of the meal though.

Hope the past couple of weeks have treated you well!

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