September 17, 2012

Style Quiz

HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz - Urban Funk
When I first started blogging ( over 4 years ago, gasp!) I posted a lot of style quizzes. I think I'm mildly obsessed with them, I just love the minimal amount of input and somehow it comes up with something that fits you (somewhat) accurately. Well, recently I decided to revisit some of the ol' quiz links with the new man in my life (you know, so I could approve/disapprove of his style). Unfortunately many of the original links were broken, removed, defunct. I supposed I expected that of something that I posted so long ago, but needless to say I was bummed.

HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz - Spa Life
So this morning when I came across HomeGoods Stylescope quiz from How About Orange, I was so delighted. The best part? There's only one question! Give it a try and see what you are. I'm Urban Funk with a touch of Spa Life. I'm also rather fond of Modern Metro.

HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz - Modern Metro
Also, I want to note that this quiz and results page has an abundance of links to social media sites. The above images are sized for Facebook cover photos with easy links to do so. You can also follow each respective style's Pinterest board. Brilliant social media links all around. Kudos!

Check it out, what are you?


chimes said...

ew. i'm apparently farm house glam. i'm re-picking because i didn't like anything about the main photo.

chimes said...

That's more like it: Vegas Baby and a touch sassy.

Megan Langford said...

I was farmhouse glam. Hmmm... I don't think so.

slowpitch said...

It says I'm 'modern metro'...I think I did something wrong
But that's a really awesome test apparatus!

slowpitch said...

I tried it again with different inputs and it still put me as modern metro!

I think I like urban funk and new country collages better