January 28, 2014

I've moved!

Hey! Guess what, guys – I’ve moved!

Last weekend I moved into this charming 1950s Ranch house with my bf (who is even more charming and handsome)!

Image via Google - I only wish it was that green and lovely in KC right now.
I coerced politely asked Megan and her husband to help us move and now all that’s left is the aftermath of too many boxes and too much stuff needing to find a home. And one very dusty and bug-filled apartment that needs to be cleaned. (Anyone wanna help with that one?)

When I moved into my old apartment it was just me moving in. That means one person’s stuff. I was moved and unpacked all in one little day. It was glorious. I felt settled in my new home for one. But this move was not as quick as we’re combining belongings and both of us have accumulated the appropriate amount of stuff for one living by themselves… and one of us has already been living there for 3 years. 

But really, my new home is wonderful. A see-through fireplace in mid-century style (my favorite). Original hard wood floors. A screened in porch, perfect for long summer night conversations. Original bathrooms and kitchen (ok, this one isn’t as charming). I can’t wait to share more photos once things are settled. That, and host fancy, adult dinner parties.

Most of all, this place really feels like home.

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chimes said...

I know what you mean about a place feeling like "home".

Adorable place! Good luck adjusting to living with the BF. It's always interesting to move in with a guy that you think you know, and then find out all his disgusting and weird habits (same goes for them finding out your weird habits). It's weird how much I miss doing housework and running errands with the BF on the weekends.