August 10, 2008

Weekend Projects

1. A co-worker recently recovered her chair at work with some green Amy Butler fabric and it inspired me to do the same at home. I have long-since wanted to recover my old desk chair at home, but didn't know how to go about it. I had some Amy Butler fabric laying around that I didn't know what to do with, so I decided this would be the perfect use. Using a rubber dishwashing scrapper I tucked the fabric into the rim of the chair top and bottom.

2. Printing, cutting, & embossing 250 wedding invitation for my friend, Stephanie. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I still have some more cutting, folding, and printing to do, but I have the majority done.

3. I finally finished my letter wall art. I have been collecting and painting the letters for several months now and had them hanging on the wall in a different pattern before. I also salvaged this big corrugate pound-out from work and painted it the charcoal color, I was able to rearrange the letters and make them all fit on this piece.

4. More cupcakes! I picked up these nut cups and wanted to practice baking in them to see if it would work. I filled them 1/2 full, but next time I would make it a little more full so I can rim the frosting with decorative sugar properly.

The invitations were a big and long job, so I spread it over the entire weekend and rented Atonement and Charlie Wilson's War to help pass the time from my local Red Box. I am absolutely fascinated with the Red Box video rental system. What a great idea, a dvd vending machine and you can return the DVDs to any location! Now that I think about it, we really are getting to a less personal society starting with the invention of ATMs, to self check-out aisles, machine operated customer service systems, Red Box, etc. Also, now with e-mail, MySpace, Facebook, blogs, texting, and twitter we can keep up with our "friends" or acquaintances without ever having to talk to them, or if we do it's all digital messaging...


Megan Langford said...

Love love love the chair! Come cover my chair!

Anonymous said...

So I'm totally leaving a comment on your blog! :) And, like Megan, I also want you to cover my hideously ugly office chair!