September 11, 2008


I saw this Colorstrology book created by Pantone Inc. at Paper-Source a couple of months ago and was surprised at how well it matched me. How About Orange recently posted the internet version.

April 24 . Ultramarine (Pantone 17-4037)
Creative . Responsible . Nurturing
You are creative and talented and can achieve success and monetary wealth by connecting your abilities with action. The performing arts are a good vehicle for you and many people born on this day have lovely voices (ok, not all of it fits me!). Sensual and attractive, you are capable of pulling good things toward you. Being in a loving relationship is vital to your well-being and you need someone who is attentive and devoted. Your personal color helps to balance your moods. Wearing, meditating or surround yourself with Ultramarine integrates your need for artistic freedom with financial security.


Megan Langford said...

I want to know my color! Can I find this online somewhere?

Stephanie said...

Your color is delft, check it out at: