September 8, 2008

Composed Passion

Does that sound like me? For the past couple months I have been working on figuring out my Style Statement through a "workbook and inspirational narrative" by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte. "Based on the 80/20 principle, the first word represents your foundation, your 80%, your first nature. The second word is your creative edge, your distinction— the 20% of your picture that motivates and moves you forward."
I went into this book thinking I was something along the lines of Classic Feminine. After spending a lot of time going through this workbook and pondering the what means the most to me and when I am my true self I discovered I am Composed Passion.

Here's the book's definition for Composed:
Spirit: Composed aspires to successfully integrate body, mind, and spirit. Composed is arranged, poised, gracious, and refined. They love to create order and ease for themselves or for others, whether in physical space and surroundings or in operational solution and systems. Composed is always steadily and calmly pulling together things, people, and their own thoughts and emotions. They prefer well-managed timed, tidy spaces, and healthy, compartmentalized feelings. Inner peace and feeling “at home” are synonymous to them. Ideally, their home or work space is a temple, a sanctuary that allows for reflection, relaxation, and serenity. When stretched, Composed may become fixated on details or generate a false sense of security. Practical and pragmatic, yet often creatively inclined. Composed thrives on artistic expression or active appreciation of the arts. Composed innately strives for balance, from which comes straight, confidences, resolve, and moxie.
Photo from Room & Board
Look & Feel: Put together, coordinated, structured, organized, staged, laid out, calming, soothing, peaceful, tranquil. Can range from contemporary and modern to holistically influenced simplicity.
Photo from Midwest Modern by Amy Butler

Passion describes the other 20% that keeps me going, the enthusiasm for everything that I do in my daily life... graphic design (typography, color, illustration, photography), design, cooking, decorating, a good book, outdoors, gardening, etc.

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Candy said...

Has completing the Style Statement changed the way you think or approach problems? I am doing my session with Carrie next week and am both excited and apprehensive! (I have just started interning at C&D)

Thanks for sharing..