October 16, 2008

Leanne won!

Ok, so it's been a long time, a REALLY long time.... but I just checked and my readership hasn't gone down, but maybe increase slightly... how can that be? Maybe I should take a hint and stop posting so much... I've been keeping busy being a social butterfly, exploring KC and starting new projects at work. Including:
- "Adult" Milkshakes at Blanc Burger in Westport, I recommend the Jamaican 10 Milkshake or Spicy Chocolate, easy on the spice
- Bowling at Lucky Strike at P&L
- My first ever "Tarpin' Party," which is an entry all by itself... I'm waiting for pictures...
- Buying a new HDTV
- and many other great get-togethers with friends

I just wanted to say I am super excited Leanne won Project Runway, she's been my favorite from the beginning. If I had the figure/money/lifestyle to wear couture clothes, she would be at the top of my life, I love the architectural details. Check out her website, Leanimal. I loved her wave collection at Bryant Park and lots of pieces in her past collections as well, look at the great colors! Who says she doesn't know how to use color!

Photos from Leanimal website

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