November 1, 2008

Crafty Chicks Inspiration

My "big sister," Dayle from Sodapop at her super cute booth at Crafty Chicks. Love her!

Today was the Crafty Chicks craft fair I mentioned earlier. I picked up some great little things and walked away completely inspired and ready to do some crafts of my own!

Here are the blogs of some great booths that I saw:
Sodapop, colorful, girlie accessories with style (LOVE the new ruffle wristlets and rings)
Southern Design Bee, with vibrant "rag bags" and other accessories
Dirty Laundry, with her super cute aprons, headbands and tees
Homemade Circus, with great "whimsical, circusy folk art"
Oh for Heaven Cakes, with super cute sweet treats
Paprica, blending paper, fabric and beautiful stitching

I'm off to start planning MY crafts!

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