October 23, 2008


I'm watching ET (Entertainment Tonight) right now and thinking there is seriously something wrong with society today. I would estimate they change news stories every 10-20 seconds, never giving the full story and spending half of their time showing/saying "what's next" or "coming up." If they would just tell the full story without all this fluff about what's next, I'm sure they could get the same messages across in 10 minutes vs. 30, including commercials. Do we really have that short of attention span that "news" (and I use this term loosely) stations have to result to cheap tactics like changing the story often enough to cause a seizure and continuously trying to keep viewers engaged by promising the next tidbit of juicy gossip?
Ah! I can't stand it... I'm changing the channel!

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Jeanee said...

I know! And then they tell you that the celebrity is wearing a white tank top and jeans... duh! I can see that with my own two eyes!

P.S. I put you on my roll call!