December 20, 2008

Bag Envy

I have bag envy and have been wanting to create my own bags and clutches for a while now. I have finally come out with a prototype of each. I think I want my signature look to be solid colors with textures in the fabric (i.e. I used a hardy linen for the clutch and oxford for the bag) and detailing with pleats and architectural ruffles.

I used a beautiful grey oxford fabric (with a heavy interfacing) for this bag. I love the oxford, the light and dark thread in the weave add an extra depth to the bag. I still want to work on the design a little bit and make the bottom a little more triangular shaped. I also forgot to add an inside pocket, which is definitely needed in any bag! I also want to experiment a little more with closures, like magnetic snaps and such.
I used a shiny light-plum colored liner, which matches perfectly with the brooch... I'm so coordinated!

Here's my first attempt the clutch AND my first-ever zipper! Aren't you proud? I still need to practice the zipper... a lot, but I like where the asymmetrical pleats are going. I also want to experiment with adding an inside pocket on this and different closures.
Keep watching for more updates!

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