January 13, 2009

My Grocery List

Lame? Check.
Obsessive? Check.
Efficient? Check!

Last night I created a grocery list template to print and check-the-box on what items I need for that week. I first got the idea from my parents, who had borrowed the idea from one of our family friends. I made fun of them to the end at how meticulous and lame they were, but a couple days later I was begging them to e-mail me their list so I could do the same thing!
I finally got around to making my own after I had created three grocery lists for this week alone, hopefully it will make me a little bit more efficient and only use one master list. The list is tailored to what I typically buy (notice all of the beans in the canned vegetables section... mmmm...) and the items are listed in the order they are merchandised in the grocery store.

This is such a clever idea, I think everyone should have one! (and it's fun to check the box!)


Robert said...

There are, believe it or not, a couple of books about grocery lists. My favorite is here http://www.alacartthebook.com/press/AP.htm
but there is also Milk , Eggs and Vodka at

There are also dozen of internet sites where you can design and print off grocery lists.

So you're in good company.

Julie said...

This was totally my 4-H project when I was in junior high. Pretty sure I got a blue ribbon.

slowpitch said...

I hope you haven't had those printed yet. Where's the beer, liquor and wine section?
I know it's hard to skip past in the store, but sometimes I forget if I'm low on the gin or the rum and end up having to make another trip for tonic water after discovering I now have two bottles of Seagram's.

Stephanie said...

I think you're right, I did forget to add a couple of items, like tofu, tuna, etc.
MAYBE I should add Riesling and Moscato too!

Jacque said...

Great to see the "Fareway" list is seeing new life in KC! The graphics are defintely better! Added a section on mine with items needed to purchase for the food pantry.