February 2, 2009

Things I'm Loving: Martha Stewart Kitchen Collection at Macy's

I know these items have been around for awhile, but I recently renewed my love for them after visiting a friend's apartment where the recipe box was displayed. I think this particular shade of blue may be my all-time favorite color (orange is my current favorite). I would love to have this beautiful blue KitchenAid and other accessories grace the cabinets and counters in my kitchen! How chic and retro?
It's crazy how big brands who stick to primarily one color can make such an impact on society, think Tiffany blue, Cocoa Cola red, and now we can add Martha Stewart blue. I wonder if this would be my favorite color without companies like MS and Tiffany supporting it?
Hint: These items make excellent birthday gifts!

1 comment:

fresh sodapop said...

A plus on the Martha gear. I am in love with all of it.