January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day

Sadly, Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't have anyone to share it with, but I still compiled a list of great Valentine's gifts that I would love. With this economy I made sure all items were under $25 and will last all year round (because I'm practical like that). Even though these are affordable, they don't loose any of that romantic-ness required at Valentine's Day:

Customizable Secret Poetry Stackable Ring by Delias Thompson, $19
This is my favorite!

Customizable I love you note decal by TextStyle, $12
What a great love note to wake up to each morning.

Single Stem Orchid Plant from ProFlowers, $24.99
My mom sent me a beautiful orchid last year, too bad I killed it within a month! Of course, almost any other floral arrangement or plant would be appreciated as well. Right now I'm loving miniature green mums and green spider mums.

Little Birch Jewelry Stand from UrbanOutfitters, $24
With the promise of more jewelry to put on it, right?

Other nearly free ideas:
- A mix CD, with lots of mushy-gushy songs
- Breakfast in bed, Quiche Lorraine for me, please
- Random love notes throughout the day
- A custom wallpaper/desktop background for your computer

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