April 11, 2009

Food is the way to a man's heart...

... but flowers are the way to a woman's.

Thursday I got the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers at work. A beautiful mix of orange tulips, lilies, gerber daisies and mini chartreuse mums. (And no baby's breath in sight!) This bouquet may be the best bouquet I've ever gotten (sorry Mom) and the perfect combination of my current color and flower preferences. I couldn't have picked a better bouquet myself!

It just so happens a couple days ago I read the following in the March edition of Martha Stewart Living:
"Women who were given flowers as part of a 2005 study by Rutgers University reported elevated moods for up to three days after receiving the bouquets. Those given fruit or candles reported no such change."

I think this bouquet may elevate my mood for longer than three days, it sure made me giddy all afternoon on Thursday. In light of the research above, I'm trying to send more flowers to my friends lately. So far I've given three bouquets to others in the past four weeks.

Oh and the picture doesn't clearly describe the awesomeness of the packaging the flowers came in, it was great graphic design. Icing on the cake!


niki said...

Dunno...food or coffee is definitely the way to my heart. Flowers are pretty...but they just die!

Megan Langford said...

You're hilarious. And thanks (again) for the flowers. They were lovely. :-)

Jeanee said...

I heard about these flowers. Ooh... a boy likes you!!!