June 23, 2009

2009 Stone Arch Art Festival

The Stone Arch Art Festival was huge! We didn't make it to all the booths, but I listed a couple of my favorites from the event below:
- The Spark Plug Guy, who creates these amazing little sculptures out of found metal objects... he was the last booth we visited for the day and my favorite. I could find gifts for all the men in my life right there... he had everything from a grillin' dude to a mammogram machine! www.sparkplugguy.com
- I purchased my ring from a jewelry maker out of Texas: www.courtneymariejewelry.com I have a tradition where I buy a piece of jewelry to remember all of the locations that I've traveled to versus buying a destination spoon or bell... not that there's anything wrong with that!
- Branch Accessories had cute patterned bags, fabric flower pins, & fused glass jewelry! Very fun and trendy! www.branchaccessories.etsy.com
- And some beautiful paintings and mixed media pieces from www.winterberryinc.com the colors were great and very reminiscent of Mark Rothko's color studies.

I've been reminiscing about Iowa so much lately and trying to think of a way to express the love & appreciation I have for the great state. Being at the art festival this past weekend inspired me to create some mixed media pieces of my own. While I was driving through the beautiful countryside, I started visioning what I wanted to create. And I've already named the piece I want to make... now give me at least a year to crank it out. (It may fall in line with the other 217 craft/art projects I have in my head).

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