June 22, 2009

Minneapolis Weekend

This past weekend I was able to get away for weekend trip to Minneapolis to visit friends with a short layover in my hometown to visit the 'rents. Here's the highlights via bullet points:

- Peppermint Bon Bon ice cream in a waffle cone (my fav)
at Twin Shoppe in J-town
- No golfing with Daddy due to rain (it would have been
hysterical for both of us), but got to visit miniature horses
& miniature horse babies at a friend's farm!
- Quiche Lorraine from Angie's Tea Garden with my
Grandma & Dad (another J-town fav)
- Driving my new car
- Meeting friends in Minneapolis
- The hilarious romantic comedy, The Proposal
Room & Board outlet (where all my future furniture
shopping will take place)
Stone Arch Art Festival in Minneapolis, where I bought
my obligatory piece of jewelry from a vacation destination...
and it was handmade, which made it even better!
- Delectible sushi at Origami & drinks at Drink.
- 8.5 hour drive home, with at least 1.5 hour delay from construction

This weekend was full of my favorite things: friends, food, & the arts (minus the travel time). It couldn't get much better than that!

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