June 18, 2009

Jae's Bridal Shower

Speaking of weddings... we had a bridal shower for one of my co-workers on Wednesday to celebrate her up-coming union. This may have been my favorite shower so far! Jae made it easy on us and had originally created two color palettes for her wedding; one with soft pinks & golds, the other with pinks & greens. She decided to use the pink & gold for her wedding and we used the pink & green palette for the shower! Jae had also originally intended on using a bird motif in her wedding, but wasn't able to, so we picked up that theme and I created some "Love Birds" for her shower.

Above the beautiful bride with her traditional bridal shower bow bouquet to use during her rehearsal, the delicious party spread, flower decorations Dayle and I made, and the gift table with the laser-cut bird & heart strings. So pretty in pink!

1 comment:

Jeanee said...

oh these photos came out too cute! the shower was lovely. thanks for inviting me. you girls did such a good job!