June 12, 2009

Wedding Season is here!

If I counted right, 8 of my friends got engaged in the past 4 weeks. Eight! Right now we're in the midst of wedding season and I can't seem to tear myself away from all the eye candy I've been seeing on blogs lately. My co-worker gave me a link to a great wedding site and it's snow-balled from there... I usually try to stay away from dreaming about weddings (it's so cliche), but I'm using the excuse that it's "research for friend's weddings." So for all you newly-engaged out there, here's the wedding sites I've been gushing over:

The circus-themed wedding my be my favorite, so far, check out the site for more photos. It featurs lots of real weddings, with many unique & DIY solutions: www.oncewed.com

The name says it all, if you want to DIY: www.i-do-it-yourself.com

Of course, any list would not be complete without Martha's wedding blog.

Featuring unique or themed weddings: greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com

Showcasing real weddings: www.stylemepretty.com

Maybe not the most glamorous, but it's well... practical: www.apracticalwedding.com

And for the non-traditional ladies out there... offbeatbride.com


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