July 23, 2009


Recently on a trip back to my hometown, my mom encouraged me to stop at a new store on our square, JUNCK, after seeing my post about on the MN art fair and the Spark Plug Guy. JUNCK "repurposes hidden treasures" to help move "toward creating a greener, happier world" and "do something productive with some of the STUFF that is already here."
I was pleasantly delighted with the goods I found at JUNCK! Neither my mom, nor I, walked away empty handed. My mom purchased two great wood plant stands. And I ended up with a beautiful, vintage "Marta Stewart blue" vase, 3 blue Ball mason jars, and this lovely vintage pyrex (shown above), all for right at $20! I baked with the pyrex for the first time this weekend and am already deliberating on my next baked good. I've always dreamed of being the stylish mom with the cute kitchen items to bring to potlucks... now I'm one step closer to making that dream a reality... sigh!


Megan Langford said...

I love that dish! Take me to that store, plz.

Kristin said...

Hi Stephanie!

So glad you enjoyed your trip to JUNCK! You'll have to let us know the next time you're in town...

BTW...I used to write for Gibson Greetings, and love how you have decked out your work space at Hallmark. I miss writing. Guess I need to look for a side project to keep my pencil sharpened. ;-)

Thanks again for the kind words, and glad you like our shop as much as we do. Our sale runs through the end of September, so stop by if you get a chance.


Heidi Miller said...

Oh my goodness, I have a cupboard full of these old vintage Pyrex dishes. I went on an antique store adventure our last year in college, and acquired way too many of them. I have a soup bowl that matches your casserole dish. We should get together sometime and admire each other's lovely finds. :)