July 13, 2009

New(ish) Art 2 + Office Tour

Back in March, I got the "Keep Calm and Carry On Poster" from Blu Lima on Etsy. I was buying another color for a friend's birthday and thought I deserved one for myself and it's appropriate to have in the workplace. Don't you think?
I figured I'd take a couple extra photos and give you a tour of my booth at Hallmark:

Here are some of my favorites from the photo:
-Iowa landscape in pastels by Diane Kunzler, my high school art teacher, one of my most treasured pieces of original art.
-Vintage lime green turtle given to me by my co-worker, it is after-all my namesake.
-Mosaic frame and pitcher made in a Hallmark mosaic workshop during my summer internship.
-Laser-cut "Thanks," "Bananas," and wine bottle, all from co-workers... we like to use the laser cutter!

-Limited Quantity "What Up Homies" letterpress print from the one-and-only, Jessie Snede.
-Another piece from the intern mosaic workshop.

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Steph A said...

It's fun to get a glimpse of your workplace! Your desk is exactly as cute and tidy as i would have expected. :)