October 1, 2009


Check out issue 1 of Lonny mag, it's a grassroots on-line magazine created by bloggers and former Domino mag employees. The first issue is fabulous, filled with gorgeous and inspiring photos. With the demise of so many home decor magazines recently I hope they can continue to publish in this modern online format. It was definitely a treat and I can't wait for more!

btw... if I had the home of Laurent Girard & Leonora Mahle and the garden of Deborah Needleman & Rita Konig, I would be one ecstatically, happy woman.


Jeanee said...

hee hee... I blogged it too!


Heidi Miller said...

What an awesome idea! All of my favorite magazines have been disappearing slowly, and it makes me sad. I'm glad I can enjoy one online now.

slowpitch said...

Michelle introduced me to Renovation Style magazine, and it's going to be one of my favorites. It shows before and after pics and layouts of houses, apts and new residential spaces. Its put out by Meredith, the sad part is it only comes out every other month :(