October 5, 2009

Wedding Invitations for friends!

I wanted to share some wedding invitations that I've been working on for friends. They're having a garden wedding next May and wanted a casual, fun look. I came up with four different options based on their color palette and wedding elements. I had so much fun working on these invitations, I can't wait to refine them even more and work on the rest of the wedding elements!

Option 1: Casual
Option 2: Trendy
(folded, no envelope)
Option 3: Formal
Option 4: Modern Citrus
(they may be using citrus fruits in their floral arrangements)


Sheryl said...

I vote for "casual"!

Jessi said...

I love modern citrus. They could use the lemon-lime theme in the centerpieces and bouquets to really tie everything together. Awesome Steph!

Stephanie said...

Good call Jessi! That's actually where I got the inspiration from... they are thinking about using lemons and limes in the centerpieces!

Thanks for the comments!

Jeanee said...

I like option 1.