January 18, 2010

100" Cake for Hallmark

Whew! Last week was a long one, but fun. Last Monday was Hallmark Card's 100th birthday (actually 100 years + 1 day) and I got to be part of the celebration! In early December the Centennial committee came to our department and asked us to design a birthday cake for Hallmark's birthday celebration. Three designers in our group collaborated on the conceptual design of the cake. We wanted to incorporate elements from the centennial ribbon illustration (shown below in the banners).
We wanted to keep the cake white like the background of the illustration, but to give it more interest we put a different surface treatment on each layer (which was my main contribution). We then created ribbons to wrap around the cake to show a continuous timeline of Hallmark's history and elevate the gold crown above the top layer of the cake.
The picture is from Hallmark's birthday celebration, where the cake was unveiled as a surprise to Hallmark employees. The cake is on display at Hallmark headquarters for a couple of weeks and then it will move to the Hallmark Visitors Center as a permanent display. Come check it out sometime. As a bonus I left my "mark" on the bottom layer of the cake... see if you can find it!

Happy belated birthday Hallmark, I'm grateful to be part of the celebration and proud to call myself a Hallmarker!

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