April 13, 2010

Pinwheel How-To

Ask and you shall receive. A drill was on my Christmas list and that's exactly what Santa brought. I didn't have any specific projects in mind for my shiny new drill, so when I first got it I was drilling holes in cardboard boxes just to "practice" (and because it was fun). Now, I'm happy to report I've use my drill for three real-life projects! The first of which was to create pinwheels for the Pinwheel Baby Shower, sure I could've just made them look cute and not actually functional and spinning, but where's the fun in that?

Here's the directions:
Use the template below to cut 4" squares from double-sided scrap-booking paper. I used the 4" size for the cupcake toppers, but you can always scale the template up or down as needed. I created some larger pinwheels for party decor as well.

The black dots indicate hole punches

I used my handy-dandy drill with a small bit to drill holes into wooden craft sticks (below).

Thread a tiny brad (found in the scrapbooking section) through each of the holes in the paper template, saving the one in the center of the paper for last and then through the craft stick. And there you have it, a functional, spinning pinwheel! I made several of these for the shower and many guests kept them as a party favor and are using them as decor in their office. They're so cute, it makes me happy every time I see one!

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